"So-Good" Sauces

Corine's kitchen philosophy boils down to getting the small things right. Lots of time spent perfecting the favorite meals of family and friends showed her that the secret often lies in a small detail—a pinch of turmeric here, a little lemon zest there, perhaps a tweak of technique like a minute under the broiler before plating. The little things matter, and that’s why Corine’s Cuisine sauces are so good!

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Corine's Cuisine is in four new retail locations in NYC and Maryland!

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It's Simple

Achieving perfection with a finished product requires starting out with quality produce. We use nothing artificial in Corine’s Cuisine sauces, and we take time in the test-kitchen to get it right with each flavor profile, using simple ingredients like fresh peppers, whole garlic cloves, and real lime juice, the kind that comes from a lime, not from concentrate.

Sauce Makers

Refining recipes and exploring different culinary cultures has long been Corine Parish's driving passion. Ray Parish dutifully plays the roles of prep cook and test palate.