What Makes a Good Gourmet Sauce?


Food lovers everywhere often define their preferred dish on what sauce it’s topped with. But what if it wasn’t always the case? For the most part, a good sauce doesn’t need to be so strong that it covers up the bad portion of a meal, or so weak that we don’t event taste it. Gourmet sauce goes hand-in-hand with a gourmet meal.


Pieces of the Puzzle

A proper, large meal is prepared with each element being as well prepared as a unit, but not complete on their own. Think of ingredients as puzzle pieces. If they were good enough to be eaten on their own, they would be. Sauce is naturally meant to be an addition, so that means it shouldn’t be made or prepared as the main attraction. It is meant to enhance the main course.



However, the same can be said about other part of the dish. It’s important not to over or under cook your primary ingredients (fish, pork, lobster, salad, etc.) because that could unbalance the taste of the other ingredients. If you were preparing something and decided last minute to add barbeque sauce, it may not be as well prepared as something intentionally made for chili sauce.



However, there are of course snacks that do incorporate sauce as a main portion, such as chips and dipping sauces at popular parties. However, Chips and sauce are another example of balanced ingredients. Since there are only two elements (the sauce and the chip) they each need to be powerful enough, but not too powerful that you feel like you are eating all sauce or all chip.


The Overall Purpose

Sauce, like all other foods, should never be held in a box of rules. If it tastes right, then go ahead and serve it! This whole post is merely a subjective opinion on how a dish should be served. It can be a main portion or a small portion, but like any good ingredient, a good sauce ultimately serves your taste buds.

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