Corine’s Spicy Chicken Salad (Video)

"Love this recipe! Especially with extra 3 and some chopped shallots, celery. 5 minutes and a perfect chicken salad." — Our friend Doug R. (from the Corine's Cuisine Facebook page)

The next time you roast or barbecue chicken for dinner, you’ll want to cook extra just so you can make this new version of a classic American chicken salad the next day. Corine’s Cuisine Sauce 7 adds the zing of ginger to the mix, while Sauce 3 and 23 give it heat (leave out the 23 for a much milder version). Celery is still the best way to give chicken salad crunch, and lemon zest at the end lends it a nice citrus freshness.

Mix it all up and try it on toast or in a salad. Last time we made this with a leftover roasted half-chicken, it all got eaten at the kitchen counter and never even made it into the fridge for later!