The Importance of Being Gluten-Free

Even just 20 years ago, the idea of needing to be “gluten-free” was a foreign concept to people as nutrition in general was still a developing field.  As prominent figures like Chelsea Clinton and Novak Djokovic took gluten-free into the mainstream, however, the idea grew in popularity. Now millions of Americans cook regularly with an eye on keeping gluten out of their meals, and products like gluten-free pasta make it easier to introduce the change and still enjoy our favorite homemade dishes. Good cooking is about taste as well as diet, however, so keeping your fridge stocked with great gluten-free gourmet sauces and condiments keeps things delicious while making them healthy.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a serious condition, and one that may go undetected for a long time.  A person suffering from Celiac cannot properly process gluten, leading to digestive issues and potential damage to the digestive system.  It is useful to consider Celiac as effectively an allergy to gluten, and to be as careful about it in cooking as you would be about peanuts when serving someone with a nut allergy. Unfortunately, many sauces that seem at first glance to be gluten-free turn out to contain gluten in the form of thickening agents added to prevent them from separating when on the shelf. Yet as anyone who makes a good vinaigrette knows, separation is normal when you use real ingredients, which is why Corine’s Cuisine puts tags on their sauces that say “SHAKE ME — I separate because I’m ALL-NATURAL!” As a naturally sourced thickener, they use only gluten-free xantham gum, a well-known ingredient to those who’ve tried baking without gluten.


It seems like every week there is a new diet that people are supposed to be trying to get healthy and lose weight.   A lot of these diets call for a reduction in gluten.  Being respectful of friends and family that may be trying to avoid gluten for health reasons is another big plus in using Corine’s Cuisine sauce. Four of Corine’s products use only gluten-free ingredients: Sauce 3, a hot-sauce with Jamaican curry; Sauce 7, a tangy ginger-scallion-lime sauce; Sauce 10; a traditional West Indies spicy pepper sauce; and Sauce 23, a super-hot sauce using fresh chopped Scotch bonnet peppers.


Corine’s sauces make a fantastic gift for anybody who loves to cook, but you never want to give someone a gift that they can’t use!  When choosing gifts for foodie friends, we want to make sure that the products fits their diets. With only all-natural, healthy ingredients like real chopped ginger and garlic, fresh lime juice, turmeric and apple-cider vinegar, Corine’s Cuisine makes a great way to bring healthy and tasty together in your kitchen and your friends’ kitchens.

Corine's Cuisine