Changing It Up with Corine’s Cuisine

Anyone can get stuck in a culinary rut from time to time.  Whether it’s our work schedule putting the pressure on, or no time to deal with complex ingredients, or just a lack of inspiration, sometimes we like to fall back on the tried-and-true. But that’s no reason to let meals get monotonous.  Give your favorite classic recipes new life with the easy addition of one of Corine’s sauces!


An old standard, meatloaf sees little variation on American dinner tables.  The ingredients are simple, the method is foolproof, and the results are satisfying … but it never hurts to switch things up a little.  Corine’s Cuisine Sauce 3, our Hot Pepper Sauce with Jamaican Curry, will bring new flavor and new life to this traditional dish.  Instead of using the full amount of ketchup (if you’re using a traditional recipe), try substituting part of it with Sauce 3.  If you dare to make a really spicy meatloaf, brush it before it goes in the oven with a glaze of Sauce 23 blended with mango chutney or orange marmalade to sweeten the heat.


A big pot of chili is such a popular dinner option because you can make a ton of it and it always tastes delicious.  Sadly, even your favorite yummy chili can get a little tiresome over the years.  Hot sauce in chili is nothing new, but Corine’s Cuisine sauces change the game.  Sauce 23, our fiery Caribbean hot sauce made from fresh Scotch bonnet peppers, will be the perfect new addition to your time-honored chili recipe.  Or try taking this delicious dish even farther from its Texan origins by adding some Sauce 28 while it simmers. Serve it with white rice on the side and you’ll be surprised at how the Asian flavors of Sauce 28 take chili halfway around the globe.

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti with tomato sauce is a beloved and easy dinner for all ages, meaning it makes very frequent appearances on the dinner table.  But even an old favorite like pasta in red sauce can get a little boring.  Corine’s Cuisine Sauce 10, Scotch bonnet hot peppers with a touch of turmeric, can transform your basic marinara into an amazing arrabiata!  There’s no need for anything more than that, though sometimes we like to drizzle in a little heavy cream as well to balance the heat of the peppers.

Changing up old classics with simple, flavorful sauces doesn’t have to be difficult.  Sit back, relax, and keep on making what you make best.  Let Corine’s Cuisine spice things up for you with these simple substitutions.


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