Unique and Versatile Party Foods

We talk a lot about how Corine’s sauces are easy-to-use timesavers, and we mean it.  Whether as an added flavor to a time-honored classic or as the star of their own dish, our sauces can instantly brighten any plate.  When hosting a gathering, there’s one element you have to get right: the food.  When you’re a proud foodie, you know that your cooking is a big reason people love your parties and dinners! Below we offer a few ways to use Corine’s Cuisine sauces to keep guests coming back again and again.

Take Dips in a New Direction

Not only do our sauces work great in full-fledged entrées, but they hold a remarkable amount of flavor that makes them perfect dipping sauces.  For some light party nosh, just lay out a variety of sauces with nachos, pita triangles, or freshly cut celery. Sauces 7 and 3 work great as-is, and 10 and 23 are excellent for adding heat to hummus, goat-cheese spread or any of your favorite dips. 

Fancify Your Finger Foods

In addition to spicing up your snack table, our sauces can liven up the typical hors d'oeuvre platter in ways that will have your guests asking about your caterer.  A dab of Sauce 28, our tangy-hot Asian barbecue sauce, turns regular wings into something exotic. Grilled chicken tenders with Sauce 3 become Jamaican curry chicken bites! Sliders are always popular these days, but wait till your guests try them with your new fiery aioli under the bun! (Just mix equal parts Sauce 23 and mayo—it couldn’t be easier.) 

Maximize Flavors with Marinades and Dressings

When entertaining a lot of people, you’re always looking to maximize results and minimize the work, and marinades and dressings are a great way to impart a lot of flavor with very minimal effort. Our Sauce 7, ginger, scallion, and lime sauce, is a sensational marinade, especially for proteins that lend themselves to light flavors such as scallops, shrimp, and poultry. It also works as a dressing, letting you create an effortless and amazing three-ingredient salad: cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, Sauce 7 … voila!

We Use Good Ingredients for Good Diets

With the exception of Sauce 28, our sauces are all gluten-free and vegan, making them an easy choice for entertaining.  Having to be conscious of all of your guests’ food restrictions is a difficult task, and reading the labels of every sauce to be sure that they can be enjoyed by all is wasting time that you simply don’t have. With Corine’s Cuisine sauces, you can be proud to show an inquisitive guest the jar without worrying that they’ll read the label. We use only simple, fresh, all-natural ingredients, never powders or additives. While other condiments are filled with water, cheap vinegar, thickening agents and colors, you’ll find only the best ingredients in Corine’s Cuisine: chopped garlic, ginger and peppers, turmeric, fresh lime juice, apple cider vinegar.

Sure, maybe you won’t know if your guests are coming back for the company, the conversation, or your gourmet tastes, but either way they’re coming back!  To satisfy your guests, and their palates, order your set of Corine’s sauces today.






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