Holiday Foodie Gift Ideas: Hot Sauces

Being a foodie is a lot like being an adventurer—a treasure hunter of new and exotic tastes. And with the holidays fast approaching, what better gift could there be for a culinary explorer than some original, spicy sauces? Whether they are for a friend or for yourself, Corine’s Cuisine has pleased foodies time and time again with their unique, gourmet sauces that bring some heat to the cold winter. Here is a catalog of our signature sauces, along with their potential holiday applications.


Sauce No. 7

This sauce creates a unique flavor by combining ginger, scallion, and lime juice. Put some on the side of your plate with a holiday ham or roast to add some zing to a traditional family meal.


Sauce No. 28

For something with a bit more of a hearty punch, try the Sauce No. 28 (Asian BBQ sauce). This tangy taste is due to a mixture of hot Scotch bonnet peppers, mirin, soy, and unagi, and can be used for marinating, cooking, and seasoning. Any holiday BBQ ribs or steak will greatly benefit from this powerful friend.


Sauce No. 10

Our famous Sauce No. 10 is the go-to hot sauce for any occasion. Made from garlic, turmeric, and brined hot peppers, No. 10 brings a little West Indies flavor to the holiday table. This one is a great way to spice up the kind of comfort food we crave in winter, like mac and cheese or soups and stews.


Sauce No. 3

Need a gift for that crazy sibling who’s always looking to try new things? They will find Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 3 unique for the way it blends tried-and-true hot sauce flavor with the spicy punch of Jamaican curry. This one is great on chicken and barbecued meats.


Sauce No. 23

If you plan on cooking seafood this holiday, be sure to try this one. Sauce No. 23 is a combination of olive oil, chopped garlic (never powder!), shallots and hot Scotch bonnet peppers (fresh, not pickled). This Caribbean sauce is ideal for any culinary vacation you wish to take for the cold season. A few drops or a little drizzle adds a nice tropical heat to broiled fish, and No. 23 is also great blended with mayo as a dip for fries and other finger foods.


No matter what your plans are this year, a good spicy sauce can offer a world of possibilities. They can bring in some extra excitement for not just your own holiday cheer, but for your family and friends as well. Just don’t leave them out for Santa’s reindeer.

Rick Turner