Top 5 Caribbean Dishes with Hot Sauce

Caribbean meals are known for their spicy nature. Many people travel to the islands just to get a taste from the master chefs. Now you can be your own chef and whip up classic Caribbean meals that are unique but not as expensive as a flight to Barbados. Here are our top 5 Caribbean dishes featuring hot sauce!


Hot Rotisserie Chicken Cuban sandwich


This classic features multiple thinly sliced layers that each add up to the perfect amount of tangy energy. Its ingredients include swiss cheese, ham, chicken breast, yellow mustard, mayonnaise, sliced pickles, and hot sauce (we recommend either our Sauce No. 3 or our Sauce No. 10).


Cuban Brisket taco bowls


Cuban food is known for being great to pass around the dinner table. For your special Taco Tuesday, try these Brisket taco bowls for flavorful taste-buds. Among other ingredients, the bowls include beef brisket, beef broth, ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, lettuce, guacamole, orange slices, No. 10 hot sauce, and lime wedges.


Hot-Roasted Pork with Sweet Potato


For something a little more meat-heavy, try the Hot-Roasted Pork and Sweet Potato dish. It carries a blend of sweetness and spice that gives a hearty punch. The ingredients include pork tenderloin, cubed sweet potatoes, ground black pepper, salt, Hot Sauce No. 10, and parsley.


Black Bean/Ham Soup


Looking for a good, hearty soup? Look no further than the Black Bean and Ham mix! The recipe puts together garlic, cooked ham, black beans, chicken stock, diced tomatoes, cumin, lime, cilantro, sour cream, and our No. 10 Hot sauce to make an excitingly spicy dish. Whether it is a strong entrée or an appetizer to kick your taste buds into gear, you don’t want to miss out on trying this work of beauty.


Fritada De Gallina


You’ve probably noticed a pattern among Caribbean entrées: Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients for any dish, large or small. Well, we’ve saved the best for last. The Fritada De Gallina is a protein-filled Ecuadorian treat for anyone looking for more than just your standard chicken wings. Made with 5 fresh pounds of chicken, ground cumin, garlic heads, white onion, plantains, potatoes, corn, rice, lime, tomato salsa, and hot sauce (Sauce No. 3 or Sauce No. 10 recommended), this is the entrée you do not want to miss out on.

Rick Turner