Top 5 Italian Dishes with Hot Sauce

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Since the discovery of hot peppers, every country has developed their own ideas for spicy meals to serve. Italy has popularized plenty of unique dishes, some of which include hot sauce as a key ingredient. Here is our list of the top 5 Italian dishes that utilize hot sauce.


Jambalaya Stew


Starting off with a red and exotic tasting dish, this Jambalaya stew uses rich, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, kidney beans, Italian seasoning, and of course hot sauce for that extra kick. We recommend using our Sauce No. 10 for this bowl of awesome.


Spicy Sausage Pizza


Looking for a new pizza to pass around the party? This homemade pie is as fulfilling as it is meaty! Using thick dough, three sausage links, tomato purée, ricotta cheese, olive oil, garlic powder, ground black pepper, crushed red peppers, and three dashes of Hot Sauce No. 10 or Sauce No. 23, no-one is going to miss out on the fiery taste of this beast!


Two-Bean Minestrone


Try the Two-Bean Minestrone for a healthy blend of various vegetables and Italian noodles. This classic Italian soup comes with dried chickpeas, garlic cloves, pancetta, dried borlotti, celery ribs, Savoy cabbage and more! For the hot sauce, we recommend our Sauce No. 10 to add the final touch to this collage of flavor.



Spicy Mussels


For a seafood touch, try the Spicy Mussels for an unexpected mix of tastes that all excite your taste buds with a beautifully rich flavor. This recipe combines fresh mussels, olive oil, minced garlic, white wine, parsley leaves and Fra Diavlo sauce Usually meant for pasta, the Fra Diavolo sauce adds excitement when combined with the tang of the mussels and the kick of the Hot Sauce No. 10.


Chicken Risotto


A mixture of influences, this Risotto recipe combines buffalo chicken with Italian Risotto for a meal that can only be described as the kind of dish you want to have on an awesome Saturday night out. The recipe includes low sodium chicken broth, chopped cooked chicken, crumbled blue cheese, Arborio rice, minced onions, celery, honey, Hot Sauce No. 10 (or No. 3), 1 cup of lager beer and more.

For more information on available sauces, please be sure to see our shopping page here. Aside from that, please be sure to check out the other recipes for more spicy meals.

Rick Turner