Various Kinds of Spicy

chip in salsa made represents hot sauce

Most people when they are first shopping for a good hot sauce only look at the Scoville level to determine how hot they want it. What they don’t initially realize is that there are a number of varying flavors and ingredients that make up our hot sauces. Some are made for specific dishes, while others are made for universal use. Some can be used for marinating, while others are more preferred for dipping. No matter what kind of cuisine you are preparing, there is always a sauce that can bring something more to the table than you expect.


Sauces for Specific Meals

Here at Corine’s Cuisine, we offer plenty of choices of sauces for your preferred taste. However, there is far more to a sauce than how it tastes with potato chips. A sauce can either make or break a good meal. It all depends on if the sauce is compatible with the meal in question. For example, our Sauce No. 23 has many uses, but it is ideally prepared with Seafood. However, the Sauce No. 10 is known for being universally utilized with nearly any kind of dish. Although one could just stick with the No. 10 to stay safe, they will be missing out on the unique qualities of the No. 23 that the No. 10 doesn’t have.


Sauces for Specific cooking methods

Although the sauce needs to match the dish’s intended taste, the cook also needs to keep in mind that the method of distributing the sauce is just as important. Each sauce in our catalog comes with a recommended usage. Some sauces are allowed for dipping while others are not. Our Sauce No. 28, for instance, is the only hot sauce that can be sued for cooking. On the other hand, every sauce in the catalog can be used for seasoning.


You Decide

As you can see, there are plenty of nuances to the proper usage of a hot sauce. The important thing to remember is that these are merely guidelines from the designer of the sauces. The real value of a hot sauce is how you choose to use it. Go out an experiment with our gourmet sauces to see what new flavors you can come up with!


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Rick Turner