Corine's Cuisine's hot sauces make a huge splash in the sauce market!

With five of the finest gourmet sauces on the market, Corine's Cuisine is drawing applause and attention from foodies, chefs and food writers. In less than one year, Corine's Cuisine has already made a huge impression on the sauce scene, with numerous articles and tons of social media love! Our all-natural ingredients and homemade taste have brought the most valuable prize: fans who love pairing their favorite sauces with their favorite meals.

Which hot sauce and gourmet sauce is your favorite? 

Corine's Cuisine launched with our flagship line of five sauces, and we've been surprised at how nearly everyone who tries them discovers a favorite they just can't do without. Many of our fans start out with an order of the full set, and then graduate to re-ordering their favorites every few weeks. And FREE SHIPPING makes it even easier! So do you want a touch of Caribbean heat and flavor on the side of your plate? (That would be Sauce 23.) Like a bit of curry with your wings? (Try Sauce 3.) Need a fresh, tangy take on seafood and shellfish? (Check out Sauce 7.) Some hot sauce on those morning eggs? (Our fans swear by Sauce 10.) Looking for a way to liven up your stir-fry? (Sauce 28 blends Asian flavors with a little hot pepper!) 

Shop our sauces and find your favorite!

Corine's Cuisine means all-natural and nothing less!

We take pride in using nothing but the best. When it comes to cooking, perfection is possible only if you start with the perfect ingredients. We use no artificial flavorings or thickeners, and our peppers, ginger, onions, and garlic come from the real deal, not from powders. High-quality apple cider vinegar ... fresh lime juice ... extra-virgin olive oil ... real chopped Scotch bonnets ... Every step along the way, we're making sure you get that homemade taste!

Corine prides herself on making some of the world's finest gourmet sauces!