The Hot Set

The Hot Set

  • This is the box set for any hot-sauce fan looking for the perfect balance of heat and flavor!

  • No. 23 is the Corine’s Cuisine sauce that started it all. Based on a traditional homemade West Indies “grandma’s sauce,” it uses fresh (not brined) Scotch bonnets for a high heat level balanced with that peppers’ unique fruity flavor. Garlic and turmeric round out the flavor profile and make it a truly healthy sauce as well!

  • No. 10 is a southern-Caribbean style sauce using pickled peppers, garlic and spices for a smoky flavor with a medium-to-high heat. Great with wings!

  • No. 3 combines Scotch bonnet peppers with the cumin and allspice traditionally found in Jamaican curry blends, creating a sauce you can use for cooking as well as dipping. Perfect on any chicken dish!

  • No. 31 is Corine’s answer to our fans’ requests for a spicy and sweet sauce. Serrano peppers along with real pineapple and mango (not just juice, but real fruit) makes No. 31 a medium-heat sauce that goes really well on shrimp but can be added to just about anything!

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