Turmeric: The Tasty + Healthy Ingredient

Corine’s Cuisine’s signature sauce No. 10 contains many essential ingredients. We have previously described the health benefits of hot peppers and garlic, but we do not wish to neglect the importance of turmeric in one’s healthy diet. Turmeric is a spice found in Asia, and belongs to the ginger family. It is the primary ingredient in many hot sauces, and carries a versatile range of uses, from color dye to spicing up cuisine. But what you may not know is the nuanced health benefits that it also offers. Take a look below to see the main ways that Turmeric can really help you stay on track with your goal towards healthy living.


Battles Sickness and Disease

Like other real-food ingredients, Turmeric offers help to treating afflictions, particularly Inflammatory Bowel Disease (see Health Benefits of Scallions). Aside from that, the spice can also be used for fighting ringworm, gum disease, infection, inflammatory skin, acne, leech bites, cold and flu. Turmeric is definitely a Swiss-army blade for immunity.


Attacks Diabetes?

Diabetes also takes a hit from Turmeric’s health boosts. Intake of the spice works to regulate insulin levels, as well as stop insulin resistance. Although, it must be said that other medications being taken to cause low blood sugar when combined with Turmeric. Before trying any Turmeric, be sure to ask your doctor if it is reasonable for your current health condition.


Potential Cancer Fighter

Turmeric is also like Scallions in another way. They both have shown signs of fighting cancer. Various studies have shown Turmeric being an ingredient in fighting bowel, breast, skin, and stomach cancer. Although nothing has been finalized, plenty of laboratory studies have been raising the question of what place Turmeric and similar ingredients have in the place of cancer treatment.


As all health ingredients go, it is important to stress the fact that they should be taken in their proper context. Just as our sauces are made for certain cuisine, these health plans are meant for certain people. Be sure to talk to your doctor to see if Turmeric is a necessary ingredient in your health plan. If it is, then please be sure to explore all other kinds of naturally beneficial spices that you find in the world around you.






Rick Turner